G8 Bike Ride 2005

G8 Bike Ride Press Release June 15th 2005

We are a diverse group of about 70 cyclists travelling from London to Scotland in advance of the G8 summit at Gleneagles. Leaving on June 19th 2005 at 09:00 from outside the NFT cafe on the South Bank, we will be in Scotland by the beginning of July where we intend to take part in a whole range of actions that have been planned to highlight some of the key concerns regarding the real agenda of the summit. We have no leaders and are committed to peaceful action. Anyone who agrees with our principles can join us.

To demonstrate our commitment to the bicycle as a practical, healthy and environmentally friendly method of transport we have chosen to cycle without the aid of any motorised support vehicles. During the course of our journey we aim to build a self-organised "community on wheels", taking our message to all those we meet along the way and lending our support to variety of local campaigns.

We are being joined by riders from Europe and the United States to demonstrate our shared opposition to the corporate agenda which is waiting to be rubber-stamped behind closed doors at the Gleneagles Hotel. We refuse to sit back while the leaders of the richest and most powerful countries shape the global economy according to their own needs and we make clear our rejection of their short-sighted actions which threaten our world, our security and our future.

See www.g8bikeride.org.uk for details.