G8 Bike Ride 2005

Nine Ladies

On June 23rd we cycle from Nottingham up to Nine Ladies in the Peak District where we shall encounter our first serious hills! Nine Ladies is an ancient stone circle which is threatened by quarrying and there is a well established protest camp set up where we will be staying.

The "official" campaign website at www.nineladies.uklinux.net has not been accessible for a while, but there is another at nineladiescampaign.tripod.com from which:

Nine Ladies Stone Circle, on Stanton Moor Hillside in the Peak District of Derbyshire is part of a Bronze Age burial site with four stone circles and a 19th Century tower. As well as being an ancient site of historical interest, the area is home to wildlife, which includes Norwegian Fallow Deer, Badgers and rare breeds of Bats.

Actually the tripod site is dead too now! Here is an account of a drumming night at the circle.

UPDATE: On 2005-06-17 the Court of Appeal ruled that Lees Cross and Endcliffe quarries at Stanton Moor should remain dormant - there will probably be some celebrations going on!