G8 Bike Ride 2005

Minutes of 5th National Planning Meeting

2005-05-29 @ RampART

Present: Ian, Tim, Tabitha, Patrick (minutes), Morgan, Frank, Mark


Matt is investigating a possible venue to host us in Penrith, and is checking out route from Lancaster to Penrith (ACTION: Matt).

Patrick gave feedback from route planning meeting on 25/5. Good meeting but limited section of route was covered - Brighton to London, and Carlisle to Lanark (Talamh). Carlisle to Talamh was seen as possible in one (long) day (though someone thought it was mostly uphill!), but also it looks like there are camping possibilities just north of Lockerbie and near Moffat. A further route planning meeting is planned this week or next, possible dates being 1/6, 5/6, or 7/6 (ACTION: Route Planning Group).

Tim has produced a flyer about the London departure of the ride on 19th June. Meet at 8am for 9am at NFT cafe beneath Waterloo Bridge. Route proposed is Westminster Bridge, Parliament Sq, Downing St., up thru Camden market and on. We need to copy and distribute this (ACTION: All).

The "Make Poverty History" bike ride is leaving on the Monday 20/6/05. Their website warns their riders off linking with our ride, which is described as the "anti-capitalist" ride!


There was a discussion on whether to develop a specific programme for the ride in Scotland, or whether to leave planning until later when we are all up there. Advantages of the latter are that it is more democratic and inclusive, and also the ride has a clearer "identity", i.e. as being a ride up to Scotland raising environmental awareness etc. However, the danger is that the ride disperses at Lanark and opportunities for collective action are lost. We agreed that it was important to provide information on what's going on and here, so that riders can begin to consider options and to encourage collective bike action when in Scotland.

Ian and Tim gave feedback from the Dissent meeting in Nottingham. A blockade sub-meeting discussed infrastructure, how to shut down the G8, and the possible effectiveness of mass bike actions was noted. There has been a Dissent general call for actions on the 6th July aiming to disrupt people getting to Gleneagles. There could be an Edinburgh critical mass action to stop delegates getting from their hotels to Gleneagles.

We agreed to have information on schedule of events in and around the G8 on the website (ACTION: Ian), so riders can see the options, but not to commit to specific actions at this stage.

The Dissent rural convergence space fell through but other options are being pursued and hopes are high.

A group in Glasgow called Cre8 want to build a community garden on a big site, with camping possibilities. They are an enthusiastic group opposing M74 extension. They want people to come and help clear the land. It could become an interesting hub and centre of positive activity and we could base ourselves there.

We wondered whether camping was possible at Faslane, but no-one knew. However, there is believed to be a large venue to stay in Glasgow, with buses out to Faslane. Needs to be clarified (ACTION: Patrick).


Tim has investigated the bus and bike trailer option and has provisionally booked it. It takes 50 bikes in trailer, and the idea was to do a run on the 9th and a second on the 10th. Cost £1600-£1700 per run, with a 25% (£400) deposit needed to confirm. So far (as of beginning of this week) we have 29 people registered for the ride and 12 want to come back on the bus. In light of this we considered it only justified to book one bus run. We have the £400 deposit but that would use pretty much all our current funds. If there is only one run then the 10th may be the best date, since there is Climate Day of Action on the 8th, and we don't want to have to rush from that to catch the bus. The route and stop-offs are not confirmed yet. However it will most likely start from Edinburgh, stopping off possibly at Manchester and Nottingham, ending in London. The charge is £35 a ticket to London, and we thought that people not going all the way to London would also be charged £35 since otherwise it gets too complicated.

Financially we are in quite a healthy state. An anonymous donation has helped with sound system. Three people have clubbed together to get a tandem to pull the sound system. So the bus deposit can be covered using the £400 we have in hand. We may be able to use the Rising Tide bank account for money for the bus. We need to clarify who cheques need to be made payable to and details of where to send them (ACTION:Tim).


The full set of OS maps should now have been bought by Jack. People can buy small road maps new for less than £10 or from charity shops. We agreed that photocopying OS maps for everyone is not necessary.


We discussed the potential problem of everyone piling into one small shop to get lunch. Solutions could be to send a lunch group ahead to sort out lunch, or we could take a packed lunch with us.


We discussed the idea of having a single mobile contact number during the ride, e.g. for people wanting to join, or for hosts or media to contact us. It could be rotated to share the work. We agreed that a mobile that can only receive calls (and texts) would be okay. We could either buy one, or can anyone offer us a spare one? (ACTION: All)


Regarding actions, someone questioned whether the Linslade camp was still active. To be confirmed (ACTION: Patrick).


We agreed we will take a big empty collapsible water container to simplify water arrangements when we stop.

Trailers - one needed for battery and speakers for sound system; plus one or two more for food and supplies?


Sound system is built and working but blew bass speaker on Friday! Splits down to battery, mid and tops, and bass and amps built into trailer.

Possibility of FM radio transmitter via Totnes people, doing live local broadcast as we go.

Video - is anyone bringing a camera? Patrick may be able to access one (ACTION: Patrick).

Media - departure info needs to go to Schnews, Indymedia etc. (ACTION: Tabitha). The Dissent Media Group suggested we come up with statement from the G8 bikeride setting out what the ride is about. This could also be in the form of a flyer to give out as we go along. Also need banner(s) to identify the ride. Statement to be discussed and drafted by email to include as many people in the process (ACTION: All), then to be agreed at next meeting. Preferred format is postcard. Printing time should be booked in advance (ACTION: ?).

Legal stuff - legal group person will be invited to next meeting (ACTION: Tim).

Website - needs to list, and link to selected events going on around the G8. Tim will get a friend to send events information to Ian (ACTION: Tim).


Apparantly there are bikes for sale in Edinburgh at Waverly station on Saturdays at 10:30 very cheap, from £10 (Bikestation).

Sutton Street kitchen may go to Cre8 space, and we could link up with them to feed us! We could offer to park up our sound system with them, to create a nice little cafe together.


At RampART, Sunday 12th June. Route planning meeting from 12-2, followed by the main meeting from 2-6