G8 Bike Ride 2005

Minutes of 4th National Planning Meeting

2005-04-30 @ RampART

Present: Tim, Toby, Kavan, Tabitha, Patrick, Jack, Ian, Roger, James (minutes), Imogen, Eva, Ana.


No major alterations to the route were made, though there was discussion about the options in Scotland and the possibilities around Penrith, Carlisle and Lockerbie, where we have no official hosting and are hence free to alter our route to suit our tiredness! Ian has recently put the route with distances on the website repeated here for convenience.

Suggested we leave London from Waterloo Bridge as Critical Mass. Intention to make it a big event and get people to join us for at least this section (the leaving London part). Tim will sort a route that takes us past as many G8 embassies and climate/corporate-criminal offices as possible. The Make Poverty History Rickshaw also leaves at the same time - possible liaison?

It was stressed that we need to clarify our options for Scotland soon. Not to make decisions as these will be up to people at the time (based on tiredness etc) but just so we know the options and what they involve.

For getting back we will look into booking with European Bike Express (www.bike-express.co.uk) who have coaches equipped with bike trailers. Tim will find out about the Dissent train, but it is easier if we go with the coach so we can dictate a route that mirrors ours up.

We will buy at least one good set of OS maps - James will do this with the funds raised at the Brighton Roast. Tim will ask the cycle campaign if they can get a special deal and at Stanfords in Covent Garden. Tony has a few maps to donate.

There is a possibility of printing up (at least photocopying) a set of maps for everyone on the ride. (Quick Guesstimate 100 people x 7A4 per map x 12 maps x 3 pence a sheet = £252)

It is essential that we contact local people for each area who will have better knowledge to aid with route planning, best-case is they practise the route.

Questions were raised about whether the no.s taking part will affect the route, consensus was reached that we want as nice a ride as poss. not an action itself, but would zip-off to do actions when we wanted...

Tim suggested that we always start on a big road in the morning, when people are most enthusiastic and we have the option of people joining for a big sendoff at each place (but especially London) if not for the whole journey.

We would also aim to hit our destinations at rush-hour so as to do semi-critical masses even in the places these are not officially scheduled.

It was also suggested that we divide into separate 'speed' groups, so everyone is most comfortable and we have 'scouts' to sort things out ahead. These groups could have ribbons to identify them and then people can move between groups but we can generally look out for each other and make sure no-one gets lost. It was decided mobiles were up to the task of communication and walkie-talkies wont be necessary.


place, hosts (details), liaison

We are assuming that there will be organised convergence spaces in Edinburgh and Glasgow but we should keep looking for other possibilities. Faslane are organising accommodation and coaches from Glasgow but none at Helensburgh but will provide campsite/hall details.

James (and the route planning group) could take on Penrith, Carlisle and Lockerbie (but appreciate any help). Ian will ask Lancaster if they have any contacts. Sedgefield people may also be able to help - contact?


It was decided we needed to make a list of info to request/give out. This is what we came up with:

For the time being estimate is 50 people, we will have a more definite figure after 'registration' (see below), max assumed to be 150. Likely to change slightly as we travel (drop outs/joiners).

Ask: How many can be catered for - sleeping space, facilities (clothes washing! showers!), bike space/workshop, food - which meals - evening, packed lunch? water? If not what other relevant info can they provide, eg. friendly campsites, farmers, halls... local food shops. What are the facilities/rules/costs if we are camping or hiring a hall?

Local Media: It will make things a lot easier if our hosts organise media coverage - linking it to local campaign and g8 buildup. Newspapers, local TV, local radio (best option). Ana offered to do some contacting of local radio stations (if we got their addresses) and do a feature on hers - she wants people to interview, James is the only person who has done this so far. Tabitha and Tim did Resonance FM last week.

Can they organise the local route/give helpful information (both directions)

Can they organise a welcoming/action to arrive at. Which campaigns can we support, with solidarity and possibly with any left over cash..

ACTIONS (listed with route but in more detail...)

Possibility of an action on our travels in Scotland on the 1st (Friday, critical mass day - this should be happening George Square - 17.30) or 3rd (on way to Faslane, not so great as Sunday) or on the 8th (Global Day of Action against climate change). Also there is the Cre8 'action' of building sustainability that we could join on arrival... contact?

Edinburgh - Make Poverty History rides are converging on the 1st, we could join in? Tony will get in touch with the World Development Movement. The Make Poverty History march is on the 2nd.

Registration: It was decided it would be helpful to have some kind of registration process to help us with numbers. There will be a website page where people can tick boxes and give info. There will be a 'not-final-but- very-helpful-if-you-would' deadline of 1st June or better yet before our next meeting. The questions will be:

Box for Other Info: eg, Do you have a good enough bike, do you have/need a tent/space to share in one. Do you have information, facilities, contacts or items that would be of use to use (on and pre-route, trailers, water carrying devices, soundsystems etc). Ian will set this up on the website. Don't forget to fill it yourself!


Tony says the G8Caravan website has a useful page we should link to, telling people to read before they consider joining. We will have a shared pool of equipment and basic spares. Roger has a 5gallon fillable water bag. Tony reckons each person will need 2-3l a day. Roger also has a not-ideal suitcase on 12" wheels trailer. Patrick has a Phillips Mule type, 2 wheels, low universal attachment. There is a vague consensus that we should use as few trailers as possible given the huge extra effort in hauling them. Aisha and Benoir are still having a trailer making workshop at some point...


At Brighton we made £150, at Rampart £650 = £800 plus what we raise in 'sponsorship (see below) and bucket shaking on the way. This will go towards:

And optionally/possibly:

Re the Bike Pool. Tim will find out about the possibility of hiring bikes. Tony has 4 bikes and a frame to do up. We should encourage people to have a good bike sorted however, ours will be for emergency or for people coming from abroad. We can direct people to eBay. There should be links on the website to good second-hand stores also if poss.

Minimum £500 maximum £1320 - we should go for the soundsystem!


The Priorities are get to poster/maps to all the hosts detailing where we are staying and why, the route and some explanatory info about the g8 and the bikeride - preferably A2/A1 size. Also really important to publicise the mass exit from London.

Plan to have a chilled out Pre-Cycle Party, possibly at the RampART again, with the Riotfolk team (UPDATE - probably not) organised by Ian and possibly Rinky Dink organised by James. It will be a weird early to bed/bike workshop/ finalising details/getting to know everyone kind of a night but it sounds great! (James might not come as there's a Patti Smith gig same night!)

Gower St. Institute for Autonomy weekly screen printing workshops. We already have some fancy T-Shirts. Jack has done a poster/flyer. Tony will work with him on the text. James and Imogen are up for doing art. There was a suggestion that the next meeting should have a follow on workshop day for banners/stencils/flags/t-shirts/noise-making-things. At the next Meeting we will also produce a Press Release.

Ian raised the issue of an Indymedia page for on-route reports, Ana said these usually need someone from the campaign to administrate - she will ask if this is necessary - if so, maybe we could get someone who would've like to do the ride but can't for whatever reason.