G8 Bike Ride 2005


On June 25th we ride to Lancaster where a number of people will probably be joining the ride. There are some keen activists there who have offered to organise hosting so we have planned this as the place to have our second rest day.

We will be staying in a village called Galgate, about 4 miles south of Lancaster. Food on Saturday night will be provided by a local Food Not Bombs chapter and there is a chilled BBQ lined up for Sunday.

There is a G8 Section on the Virtual Lancaster website.

The Knowledge Laboratory at Lancaster University looks interesting:

The Knowledge Lab on Globalisation from Above and Below brings together activists and academics to discuss aspects of the capitalist economy driving globalisation from above - such as enclosures, precarious labour, structural violence, colonialism, and their justifying cultural imagery - and to make visible alternative architectures emerging through processes of globalisation from below, i.e. through grassroots movements cooperating to create a world based on human rights and mutual aid.