G8 Bike Ride 2005


Perth and Kinross Council and Tayside Police have a traffic management plan for the G8 Summit which will involve the closure of some roads from 2005-07-03 to 2005-07-09.

Not to be outdone it appears that others are planning some road closures of their own on July 6th.

All these road closures, together with a formidable security fence erected at great expense will surely make it difficult for the Peoples' Golfing Association to access the famous Gleneagles course for their Peoples' Open Golfing Tournament which culminates on July 7th? I guess they must have a cunning plan:-)

According to Michael Settle, Chief UK Political Correspondent for The Herald, Bono "the rock star" has also been indulging in a little one-upmanship. He says that "While Bob Geldof had called for marchers to drop everything and head for Edinburgh, Bono appeared to encourage them to descend on Gleneagles Hotel itself".

G8 Alternatives have a rather more concrete plan. They are calling on people to assemble at noon on July 6th at Gleneagles Train Station for a march to the gates of Gleneagles Hotel. There is a minor problem in that their plan has not been approved by the authorities but as Mark Mackay reports they seem to be standing firm. What is Gill Hubbard up to? Enquiring minds want to know!

Keen hill walkers have been out and about in the Ochil Hills which will apparently provide an excellent vantage point from which to observe all these curious activities.

Finally, what is all this about Macbeth?