G8 Bike Ride 2005


The Cre8 Summit is taking place on the South Side of Glasgow from 11th-18th June with the intention of creating a vibrant community space in an area left derelict by the planners:

Cre8 Summit is a group of people from Glasgow and beyond who see that the problems caused by the G8 are global but the solutions are local. It is a loose collective of builders, gardeners, artists; DJs, soil engineers, musicians, skaters and landscapers who offer to share their skills and learn from the Southside.

This space will be on the route of the proposed M74 extension. The Scottish Executive decided to overturn the independent Reporters' report which recommended that the M74 be refused, a decision which is being challenged by Friends of the Earth Scotland and the JAM74 campaign.

Make Borders History have organised a walking tour to visit organisations involved in locking up and deporting asylum seekers.