G8 Bike Ride 2005


The highest profile event in Edinburgh (particularly after intervention by Bob Geldof) will undoubtedly be the Make Poverty History march on July 2nd. At least one of our riders will be taking part under the banner of the World Development Movement, who, along with War on Want, People & Planet and Friends of the Earth are also organising a "G8 Corporate Dream... Global Nightmare" Counter Conference on July 3rd.

It seems that Critical Mass has not been happening in Edinburgh recently but some have suggested a special Critical Mass on Friday July 1st to welcome the MPH riders.

There is also a Carnival for Full Enjoyment planned for Central Edinburgh on July 4th:

Flex, temp, casual and contortionist workers, benefit claimers, full-time wage slaves & work refusers, New Dealers, pensioners, migrants, students, part-timers, dreamers, duckers & divers - Bring noise, music, yourselves and friends for action against the G8 that expresses our resistance in work, out of work and wherever we live. Assert our desires for FULL ENJOYMENT with some fun in the city - and start making capitalism history.

A volunteer from The Bike Station has been in contact with us. They have a workshop with eight stands in Waverly Station which is available (at minimal cost) for fixing bikes. They also sell cheap second hand spares and people have been saying that it is a very cool place - well worth a visit. Unfortunately it will be shut for the weekend of the 2nd/3rd of June due to the police expecting around 70,000 people passing through the station!

Another place worth visiting is The Forest:

We exist to support creative work of all kinds, and to encourage free expression. We are all artists, art is in everyone! This philosophy leads to projects of many kinds, some joyfully spontaneous, others well-thought-through and polished. Forest workers are volunteers, money from the sale of coffee and food goes into the many different art projects and into improving the building and equipment. Ultimately though, the Forest is about people. If you want to help, ask anyone. There is always something to do.

A few miles south of Edinburgh is the Bilston Glen anti-bypass protest site which has been occupied since 2002-06-12.