G8 Bike Ride 2005

Bike Ride or Cycle Caravan?

At the time of our first National Planning Meeting on 2004-11-27 at LSE there was a single website for the project (www.g8bikeride.org.uk). Someone at the meeting announced that a guy in Wales had been working on a website too (www.g8cyclecaravan.org) and it was agreed that once it came on line it would become the "official" website.

Well, the new site came on line shortly after the meeting and it had a nice layout with good graphics and some basic content. The two sites ran in parallel but it soon became clear that the cycle caravan site, despite being the "official" website, was not being actively maintained.

For organisational reasons it was necessary to do frequent website updates and the only way to get them done quickly was to put them up on the bikeride site. Since it was carrying up to date information it was the one that tended to be publicised and the "official" website fell into disuse.

This situation caused considerable confusion but unfortunately nothing was done about it until recently when the administrator of the cycle caravan site decided to take drastic action and simply forwarded it to the bikeride one. So now we are back to a single website for the project, which is accessible through both URLs. It is a shame we couldn't have more gracefully merged the two efforts earlier on, but things are cool now. Thanks to those behind the cycle caravan site for their efforts.